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We Customize our Services to Meet Your Needs


In order to better serve the New England area, we offer a variety of professional cleaning services for spaces such as residential homes, commercial properties, and small businesses.


We understand that preferences vary, which is why we customize our cleaning services to fit your specific needs and desires. Prior to your cleaning, please communicate any specific products or techniques you would (or wouldn’t) like used and we will gladly accommodate.


We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly and even one-time cleanings. Our team is reliable and flexible, operating Tuesday through Saturday, in order to better serve your needs.


Your satisfaction is our priority at New England Customized Cleaning. We offer excellent customer service and attention to detail. We guarantee all of our work so if there are ever any issues, please let us know as soon as possible. We will gladly return at no additional cost to fix any errors.

Residential Properties

Time is so valuable these days, no one wants to spend it doing the gritty cleaning that is required to live a less stressful, healthy life style. What would be better than having a crew of a couple cleaners come in and thoroughly clean and sanitize your home under and behind everything as well as surfaces and take this stress off of you in just a couple hours?! All of our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, we love what we do and with two decades of cleaning experience we know how to quickly and efficiently get your home clean in a reasonable time to help keep the cost affordable for you!

We are happy to customize our cleaning to best suit your needs and will always do our best to accommodate scheduled days and times for cleanings! We provide all supplies and equipment needed to clean your home. Everything is cleaned and sanitized between clients and we never use harsh chemicals in your home!

Commercial Cleaning

It may seem obvious, keeping your office or business location clean and sanitized is a reflection of your business and promotes a healthy work environment and happier employees but finding the right company to service these needs can be a daunting task!  Wouldn’t it be great to work with a family owned cleaning business that understands and values how important it is to maintain a good reputation?! A business you don’t have to babysit, a business that listens the first time, corrects any issues if needed immediately and can be pretty much automated?! We love our commercial accounts for their hard work, moral and tenacity! We pride ourselves in being detailed oriented and thorough in all areas upholding the highest levels of cleanliness for your business with excellent communication!

We understand the time-sensitivity of having your business cleaned during non-business hours on a steady and regular basis.  We use professional-grade cleaning products to ensure proper cleaning & disinfecting.  Our staff will make sure everything is locked up accordingly after each cleaning is performed.  We supply all cleaning supplies & equipment to perform each job thoroughly.

One Time Cleaning

Do you do your cleaning? Some people pride themselves on keeping up with their home every day…BUT…Sometimes you just want some help with a once a year, or even twice a year deep cleaning like Walls and trim washing, inside, under and behind the fridge and oven, windows etc. With our professional background we have the tools, supplies, equipment and knowledge to ensure a nice deep cleaning in a reasonable time frame and our team is happy to help!

Post Construction Cleaning

Calling all Contractors, Homeowners, Realtors and Property managers…

  • New constructions and remodels can lead to an insane amount of dust including that fine coat of dust that just seems to be everywhere! We have several years’ experience thoroughly cleaning jobs like this and understand the importance of getting all that dust and debris clean to ensure the beauty of the work performed by our contractors is at the forefront of the observer!
  • Turnover Cleanings can be an overwhelming task as tenants can tend to leave the property in rough shape at times.. Not everyone understands how to clean these properties! We have several years’ experience cleaning units like this and understand what tools and supplies to use to provide the best possible cleaning efficiently.

Other Commercial Services Offered:

  • Gyms
  • Churches
  • Hallway maintenance
  • Golf courses
  • Doctors offices
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